Did Kylie Jenner Predict Her Son's Birthday? See Here!

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Photo: Getty Images North America

As you might have seen Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their second baby! Kylie updated her instagram with a photo of the baby's hand and the caption read "2/2/22" and included a blue heart!

Well now fans are going back to an interview that Kylie did with Vogue back in September and noticed that Kylie was wearing an interesting necklace!

In her "73 questions with Kylie Jenner" you can see that she's wearing a necklace that has her son's birthday on it!

Hmmmm - ok someone needs to explain this one to me! Was the baby's due date always 2/2/22 and he just happened to arrive on that date? Babies rarely arrive on their due date!

Or did she get induced on the day she wanted?

Did she have a c-section? If she did, then she for sure could have picked the date!

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