Dogs Will Apparently Warn Us About A Zombie Apocalypse.


Photo: AFP

According to Dr Cameron Carlson of the Zombie Research Society - Dogs will be able to warn us if a Zombie Apocalypse is coming! Apparently dogs are very sensitive to their environment and will be able to smell the undead from a mile away and warn us...even before they rise!

I'm not surprised though, they always say dogs can sense earthquakes and during the pandemic they also said dogs could smell covid. I'm not sure how much I believe that one BUT someone did tell me a story about a dog that kept touching their owners eyes, and it turns out they had something wrong with their eye and thankfully went to the doctor.

Dr. Carlson also said

"Even if you were looking at small dogs, like even chihuahuas and pomeranians, you’d notice a change in their demeanour. They’d still change, whether or not they knew something was going on."

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