Mom Charged with Attempted Murder For Dropping Her Daughter In a Bear Pit!


Photo: AFP

This is horrible! Video captured the moment a Mother was with her 3 year old daughter at a Zoo in Uzbekistan. While they were there the Mother can be seen dropping her daughter into the bear pit!

Thankfully the little girl wasn't harmed by the bear! Staff was able to lure the bear away after he walked up to her and sniffed her! The girl did suffer a concussion and some cuts and scrapes. But now the Mother has been charged with attempted murder.

“A young woman threw a little girl down into a brown bear’s enclosure, in front of all the visitors. It was completely unclear what her motive was,” a zoo spokeswoman said.

“Both the visitors and the staff of the zoo were trying to stop her but failed,” she said. “We are scared to even think how this would end if the bear were to react at the toddler as its prey.”

The spokeswoman added: “Zuzu got slowly stood up, slowly got down the trench, walked towards the girl, sniffed her and walked back.”

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