Chipolte's Guacamole Recipe Exposed! See How To Make it Here!

There's a guy on TikTok that goes by the name The Chipotle Guy and he's showing off some of the secrets of Chipotle! This time he's showing us the guacamole recipe.

Peeled Green Avocados


Precut mix of Onions, cilantro, jalapeños and citrus juices.

He also revealed why the Guacamole is so expensive

“Our avocados are high quality and we only use hand-cut ingredients. Many restaurants don’t use avocados for their guac,”

How do they keep it from going brown?

“Each panned guac gets sealed airtight with Saran Wrap, Then it gets lidded, labeled and stored for later use. This process ensures freshness and prevents browning"

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