Is An "Internet Apocalypse" Coming?! Here's What You Need To Know!

Solar flare hitting Earth, artwork

Photo: Science Photo Library RF

According to recent findings there apparently there is a solar storm going down and apparently it could cause an "internet apocalypse." Professor Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi shared his findings and said this storm could

“cause large-scale Internet outages covering the entire globe and lasting several months”

So there's a lot of science that goes into this but basically

"a solar storm strong enough to penetrate our shield and wreak havoc on just about anything powered with electromagnetism — which just about runs the world."

They also added

“Our [internet] infrastructure is not prepared for a large-scale solar event,” Jyothi told Wired recently, ticking off the consequences: widespread blackouts, mass traffic jams and a breakdown in the global supply chain, to name a few.

“Strong solar storms can charge the atmosphere and prevent signals from getting through for days. The strongest can damage or even destroy satellites.”

Hopefully this doesn't happen because we all know we need our internet!

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