Experts Predict a Turkey Shortage This Holiday Season

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Photo: Getty Images North America

If you love eating turkey during the holiday season then this story is for you.

According to NY Post, this holiday season will be harder to find a certain kind of bird. In fact, those type of turkeys are below 20 pounds, which tend to be the most popular.

Experts say that's due to a steep decline in demand for larger turkeys, as well as increased labor costs and other industry disruptions, farmers may not be able to produce enough fresh turkeys to meet the trend of smaller holiday meals.

“Turkey is such a seasonal item, dominated by the Thanksgiving market,” explained David Anderson, a professor of agriculture economics at Texas A & M University. “We can build up supplies with frozen turkeys for the Thanksgiving market, but fresh turkeys have a tighter schedule. The eggs have to hatch at a certain time.”

Food experts say the best way to ensure your family will be able to cook and enjoy a smaller turkey this year is to buy a frozen variety, weeks to months in advance.

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