Kendrick Lamar Registers Over 30 New Songs

Photo: WireImage

Kendrick Lamar has registered over 30 songs with ASCAP, which is the organization that protects artist's copyrights.

Kendrick was featured on Baby Keem's latest song, "Family Ties," which is AMAZING, and he mentions Kanye being a Gemini! That was a big moment for us astrology lovers.

"Muthaf__k that album, f__k that single," he raps. 

"Burn that hard drive (Burn that sh__)

Ain't nobody safe when I come up killin' everybody that's outside (Who you with?)

Yeah, Kanye changed his life, but me, I'm still an old school Gemini (Lil' b__ch)Let me jump in this bi__h."

The song surfaced after Kendrick announced that his next album would be his last for TDE. 

With the registration of this many songs, it's evident that an album is on the way.

Source NME

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