Diddy Praises Both Kanye & Drake’s New Albums

Photo: Getty Images

Fans have been divided when it comes to who put out a better album, Kanye or Drake, but Diddy weighed in and said both artists deserve praise. 

“I listened to both these albums, and first of all, I just wanna say that you guys are true kings of creativity,” said Diddy. “Both of you guys are so special and necessary. Thank y’all for the inspiration. I wanna make sure that what hip-hop knows is the reach and the power that we have. I really want to take my hat off to both of these brothers for sharing their truth.”

Diddy announced back in July that he would be returning to making music this Fall. “OFF THE GRID,”Diddy wrote in the caption.“The Album September 24, 2021. Welcome to the LOVE ERA!” Diddy tweeted.

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