New Survey Shows Los Angeles Dodgers Are The Most Hated Team In America

 (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Photo: Getty Images North America

According to BetOnline (via NBC’s Michael Duarte), a recent data collection study including over 100,000 different tweets have chosen Dodgers as the "most hated" baseball team in America.

The Dodgers were the most hated team in 9 states while the Yankees took 8 states. The Houston Astros surprisingly came in third with just 7 states as the most hated team in baseball.

But of course, what do you think about this? Let us know below.

State-by-State Breakdown:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 9 states

New York Yankees: 8 states

Houston Astros: 7 states

St. Louis Cardinals: 6 states

New York Mets: 6 states

Chicago Cubs: 4 states

Boston Red Sox: 3 states

Chicago White Sox: 3 states

Atlanta Braves: 1 state

Philadelphia Phillies: 1 state

San Francisco Giants: 1 state

Cleveland Indians: 1 state

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