Nike Offers Employees a Week Off to 'De-stress'

Photo: Getty Images

It's safe to say that 2021 has been a decidedly stressful year, leaving most Americans to keep their chins up and forge ahead in spite of the apocalypse-like events that continue to unfold.

Nike is taking care of its employees by recognizing that they have been under tremendous stress the last year and a half.

Nike's Oregon-based corporate headquarters is currently enjoying an extra paid week off after company officials decided they needed time to "de-stress," according to a rep for the shoemaker. The added vacations were the idea of a senior manager who felt the company's workers needed to "unwind and spend time with loved ones," the rep says.

Nike isn't the first company to throw its employees a bone. Internet giants Bumble and LinkedIn have also given workers an extra week off to work on their mental health.

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