Mother Fights Off Mountain Lion To Save Her 5-Year-Old Son

(Photo by SAID KHATIB/AFP via Getty Images)

Photo: AFP

Not all heroes wear capes!

A mother saved her 5-year-old son from a mountain lion after it attacked the boy in the front of the family home in Calabasas.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said in a statement that a 65-pound mountain lion left wounds on the child's head, neck and upper torso. The boy was rescued by his mother, who hit the animal multiple times, according to officials. 

"She ran outside and immediately started striking and punching at the lion and managed to fend the lion off her son," Captain Patrick Foy with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told CBS Los Angeles. "This mom's an absolute hero who saved her son's life, there's no question about it."

The child was later taken to a hospital, where he is in stable condition. 

Without a doubt, a very scary situation.

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