Kourtney Kardashian's Ex Puts Her Other Ex On Blast Over Travis Barker.

As we know Kourtney Kardashian dated Scott Disick for a long time and have three kids together. They've both gone on to have other relationships and seem cool but there's always rumors that they'd get back together.

One of Kourtney's other famous ex's is Younes Bendjima. Well the other day Younes seemed to have put Scott on blast by exposing a private message that Scott sent to Younes regarding Kourtney and her PDA with her new boyfriend Travis Barker.

It looks as if Scott sent this message

"Yo is this chick ok!???? Broooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy."

Then Younes responds with "Doesn't matter to me as long as shes happy PS I aint your bro"

I'm so confused as to why Scott would send this message, he has a girl and why would he reach out to Younes. Even if he did think this, wouldn't you tell someone you're closer to!

But if this wasn't Scott?! Is it fake? Why would Younes make this up? Is he crazy? Or did Scott get hacked??

I have sooooo many questions! But I will say I LOVE Kourtney and Travis together!

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