Donald Glover and Chris Brown Take Shots At Kanye West.

The only people who were excited about the "Donda" release are the fans because it seems like it made a lot of people were upset about this release.

One of those people was Chris Brown. Chris let his feelings know on his IG Story

Yup, he said "Kanye A Whole H**" - HAHA! Apparently Chris was not happy with the fact that he was left off the album! Which seems to have been a theme with that album!

Another person that took a shot at Kanye was Donald Glover. Now it wasn't a mean shot but it for sure was some shade. Fans were pointing out the fact that Kanye kind of copied Donald Glover's last album cover.

Here's my personal opinion and I'm just assuming things, but I think it's probably hard to work with Kanye and he might make the artists jump through a lot of hoops to get the song done and then when the album comes out they're left off, I can understand why they're upset!

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