Put Down That Hot Dog! Apparently Eating One Can Take Minutes Off Your Life


Photo: Digital Vision

A new study done by the University of Michigan suggests that eating one hot dog can take 36 minutes off your life!

5,800 foods were ranked by their nutritional disease burden to humans!

So what's so wrong about the Hot Dog?? The study says "largely due to the detrimental effect of processed meat,"

ABC7 spoke with a dietician Christy Brissette and asked about the Hot Dog eating Champ Joey, should he be worried!

"I think if you're eating hot dogs in a Joey-type of way, this could be a turning point in your life to maybe cut back a little bit," Brissette said. "If you enjoy a hot dog once in awhile, completely fine. Everybody wants to have fun foods in their life, and that's part of enjoying eating."

In competition alone, Joey has eaten at least 1,094 hot dogs, adding up to 39,384 minutes off of his life, or a little more than 27 days.

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