Ben Affleck Was Spotted Shopping For Rings At Tiffany & Co.

US actors Jennifer Lopez (L) and boyfriend Ben Aff

Photo: AFP

Is Jennifer getting ready to receive her 6th engagement ring? According to witnesses Ben Affleck was spotted at Tiffany & Co.

If you remember Ben proposed to Jennifer in 2002 and gave her a 6.1 pink diamond carat engagement ring.

Now Ben didn't buy anything this time, he was actually with his Mom and his kids but he for sure was taking notes. For anyone who's thinking this might be moving too fast, you might be right but you also have to remember that the two were already dating for a couple years so when they reunited it's not like they were JUST getting to know each other.

I for sure think the two will get engaged but honestly, if I was Jennifer, I would just get married and not get engaged.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Split

Photo: Getty Images North America

You can sort of see the ring on JLo in the photo above.

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