Zoo Bans Woman Who Was Having An Affair With a Chimpanzee For Over 4 Years

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Is the zoo wrong for banning her or is she wrong for having an “affair with a chimpanzee?”

Adie Timmermans is a woman with a special bond with a chimpanzee. Every week, for four years, she visits the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium, where’s she formed a ‘friendship’ with a 38-year-old chimp, Chita.

During her visit, Chita can be seen approaching her at the glass of the enclosure as they blow kisses at one another.

Those days have come to an end, however – as zoo officials have asked Timmermans to end her visits.

It seems that Chita hasn’t been socializing with fellow chimps, leading it to be “less respected” by the other chimpanzees.

It’s their hope that Chita will use the separation time to become more chimp-like, and less attracted to socializing with people.

Chita was originally raised as a “pet” and was donated to the zoo when he became “too big and unmanageable.”

Timmermans, on the other hand, is heartbroken and devastated that her visits are being forced to end.

Source: The Sun

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