Man Confronted By Wife’s Lover Who Had Been Secretly Living With Them

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Imagine your partner secretly moved their lover into your home!

An Alabama man was shot in the chest during a gunfight with his wife’s lover that had been secretly living in the house with them for over a year. 

Frank Reeves was told by his wife, Tracy, who was reportedly high on meth, that there was an intruder in the home; that intruder was Michael Amacker, who was also reportedly high on drugs. 

When Reeves confronted Amacker, Reeves was shot in the chest while Amacker was shot in the leg and elbow.

Amacker and Tracy were both arrested, and now a murder-for-hire plot investigation is underway.

The secret living arrangement was supposedly kept a secret by Amacker urinating into bottles and having Tracy bring him food when Reeves wasn’t looking.

Source: NYPost

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