Amber Rose's Baby Daddy Admits To Cheating

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Could you forgive your partner for cheating?

Amber Rose called out her baby daddy via social media for cheating on her with several different women.

Her baby daddy has responded to the allegations by saying, "You know when you ask a woman how many n***** they been with? And they say like 5, but you feel like it is more like 15? I love her though, that's like my best friend, and I love Bash, my stepson....but sh*ts that's me. I like women."

He continued, "I know that I could stop. I could give her a good, solid six months and just really like, deprive myself of my true nature for as long as I can take it but I don’t want to live like that. I got caught before but she just had enough, obviously. I'm me, n***a. B****** like me and I fall victim to the s***, I get seduced. I be falling victim to the seduction. I'm guilty of being narcissistic, I'm guilty of stonewalling..."

Check out the interview below, AE jumps in at the 15:30 min mark:

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