Tinder Date Goes Viral After Her Dates ‘Dead’ Ex Shows Up

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Would you freak out?

A 20-year-old woman named Hannah shared a nightmare date story that’ll be tough to beat.

After meeting on Tinder and talking for a few weeks, she decided to meet her Tinder match for dinner.

During the date, she says he talked about his ex, who he said had died of cancer. She says he showed her pictures and she was sympathetic…right up until the ‘dead’ ex walked into the restaurant and he left the table suddenly.

Recognizing her from the pictures, Hannah talked to the woman and found that her date had said he was working overtime to support not only the woman but their two children.

Hannah says she left money on the table for half of the meal and walked out, hearing screaming behind her as she did.

She says she hasn’t been on a date since. Do you blame her?

Source: LadBible

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