Chilling Video Of A Woman Allegedly Being Kidnapped In Santa Clarita

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Photo: EyeEm

Some of us have found us in a situation where something crazy is going on and we want to help out but we're also scared. That's what happened to this man who heard a woman screaming at night and a he started filming.

The Sheriff's department said they received a call about some suspicious activity going on. In the video you can hear the woman screaming for help and then it seems as if she's put into the van and then they drive off. The man filming the video tried calling out to the man but obviously that didn't help. A lot of people in the comments tried to bash the guy for not running down there but honestly, you don't know what these people are capable of and he was probably scared.

The Sheriff's department is asking people to watch the video and call if they have any information about the van. The Sheriff's said they are not confirming this is a kidnapping but they do want to find the van.

Please call 661-799-5805.

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