Woman Who Raised $200k Facing Eviction Lied About Her Situation.

A Las Vegas woman hoping to avoid eviction for her three daughters was able to raise over $200,000 on GoFundMe. But there's a catch - the girls are not actually her daughters.

In July, 32-year-old Dasha Kelly launched a GoFundMe page titled "Help My Girls & I avoid eviction". After her story was featured on CNN, donations swelled to over $234,000.

But shortly after the segment aired, a woman came forward claiming that she - not Kelly - was the girls' mother.  

Kelly admitted that the children were her partners's, and that she does not live with them. She claims to be a "mother figure" to the girls and often takes care of them.

GoFundMe has frozen the donations and will give donors two weeks to request a refund.

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