Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant Again?! Here's Why Fans Think She Is!

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Kylie Jenner celebrated her 24th Birthday yesterday and now fans are convinced that she's pregnant with her second baby! Now you might be thinking...but her tummy looks flat and she's holding a glass of champagne - but here is why fans think she is trying to hide the potential pregnancy!

So the pregnancy rumors started when Kylie appeared on the KUWTK reunion special and everyone took a shot of tequila, except Kylie. And we all know when someone is faking drinking, there is a reason!

THENNNNN fans noticed that Kylie was eating sushi that had NO fish in it! If you've never been pregnant, you're "not" allowed to eat sushi..or too much of it!

Now on to her Birthday - fans thought it was strange that non of her sisters or friends posted any footage from her birthday celebration! So fans believe that Kylie might have faked the celebration awhile ago and just posted the footage now.

Another fan noticed that Kylie's nail color was the same as it was a month ago and said Kylie NEVER keeps her nail color the same for this long!

Scroll through some of the tweets that people have sent out with their own theories!

It would be no surprise if Kylie was pregnant again and hid it, that's exactly what she did the first time she got pregnant! If she is pregnant..CONGRATS KYLIE!!!!

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