Food Delivery Guy Gets Caught Stealing Some Of Their Customers Food

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Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

Ahhhhhh - why are people so annoying?! Ok So a guy secretly filmed an UberEats delivery guy, taking food out of the customers order and putting it in a container! The incident happened in Chicago and the guy who filmed it his friend on TikTok post the video.

He legit took noodles, juice and so much more! Ahhh - I feel like if this was my order I would FOR SURE know something was missing! He took so much!

THENNNNN he has a stapler with him and he closes the bag back up! Ok so lesson for you, check the staples and see if it looks like they were done more than once.

Going through the comments the person who posted the video said they they reported the incident to the restaurant and UberEats.

What sucks is that there are actually really great food delivery people out there, I've had them and this guy gives them a bad name and makes you not want to trust your drivers.

The TikTok user also said that they confirmed it was not a cancelled order and it was not his order! So he for sure was stealing the food!

The only thing I will say, I hope this guy was stealing food because maybe he's having a hard time financially and really needed the food and can't afford food at the moment.

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