Comedian Tony Baker Breaks Silence After Son Passes Away In Car Crash

Photo: Getty Images

Comedian Tony Baker’s son Cerain Baker was among three innocent victims killed in a car crash in Burbank.

Burbank police identified Tony’s son, Cerain Baker, Jaiden Johnson, and Natalee Moghaddam, as victims of the multi-vehicle crash, which ended in flames. 

According to ABC7, the accident occurred at about 11:50 p.m. at the intersection of Glenoaks Boulevard and Andover Drive. Investigators said the alleged street racers were driving a Kia and a Mercedes Benz, which hit the victims inside a Volkswagens. The reports state that all three victims died due to multiple blunt force injuries.

As soon as news broke, fans and close idustry friends began to overpour Bakers’ Instagram comments with support.

We're sending our love and prayers to Tony Baker, Jaiden Johnson, and Natalee Moghaddam's families during these difficult times.

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