A Mom Was Caught For Putting Her 5 Year Old Son In The Trunk Of Her Car

Some people don't deserve to be parents. Every day I see a story about someone treating a child badly and it's so upsetting! This woman thought no one was watching when she decided to put her crying 5 year old son in the trunk of her car!

Thankfully someone saw what was happening and decided to start filming AND yell at the woman!

“Dude, you can’t f–king put that kid in the f–king trunk!” the woman tells Trujillo. “You cannot have that goddamn kid in the f–king trunk! Take the f–king kid out the f–king trunk!”

That's when Chelsea opened the trunk and her son came out of the trunk and was barefoot and still crying.

According to reports Chelsea is homeless and now has been arrested and being charged with child abuse and a restraining order violation in the incident.

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