This Kissing Couple Smashed Right Through A Glass Door

(Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Photo: AFP

Falling hard for you!

A couple who was kissing smashed right through a glass door of a Montreal, Canada barbershop and it was all caught on camera.

In a video, the lovers can be seen kissing outside of the business as they lean back against the glass door when it breaks completely. Seconds later, you see shattering glass flying to the ground along with the couple.

Mikey Rose, the co-owner of Savvy Barbershop told CityNews, “I just want to know what happened. Actually, I want to know what happened after because I think that’s what we’re all wondering is once you left, how did the rest of your day go?”

The owner then posted the short clip of the funny incident to their Facebook page with the caption “Love Hurts."

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