Olympic Boxer Busted a Mike Tyson and Tried To Bite Opponent's Ear.

Boxing - Olympics: Day 4

Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

Olympian David Nyika is thankful right now because he still has both of his ears! So while he was fighting Youness Baalla, Youness almost bit off David's ear. If you're getting Mike Tyson flashbacks...we are too!

Youness had already lost the fight but he was actually disqualified after the fight for his “intolerable action” - officials said he “clearly intended to bite the ear/face of his opponent,”

Even though David did make light of the moment on his Instagram story he did say “Luckily he had his mouthguard in and I was a bit sweaty… But c’mon man this is the Olympics, get your s–t together,”

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