Woman Shares Story How She Caught Her Man Cheating While Watching Olympics


Photo: AFP

Guys - let this be a lesson, if you're going to cheat on your girl, DON'T send her photos from your other girls house! SMH!

Ok so this girl on TikTok shared a story about how she JUST caught her man cheating! So the story goes, she hit up her boyfriend and asked him what he was doing. He responded by saying he was watching the Olympics with "the Boys" - then he sent her a photo of the TV screen. You know, to try and prove what he was doing!

HOWEVER, the girlfriend noticed something off in the picture. In the TV stand there was a mirror and in it, you can see two sets of legs and one of them was cleanly shaven.

THEN she started noticed stuff around the room. Clearly he wasn't his spot...she noticed some fashion magazines and some other girly decorations. Basically he was NOT with "the boys!"

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