Roddy Ricch Addresses His Grammy Dispute with Kanye on Kanye's New Song.

In addition to the reconciliation of two of Hip-Hop’s biggest superstars, JAY-Z and Kanye, Roddy Ricch is also putting his frustrations to the side on a new song for Kanye’s DONDA album called, “Pure Souls.” 

The song addresses an Instagram live where Roddy went in on Kanye’s viral video of him peeing on a Grammy,“This n__a just piss on that sh_t. Like, how you (sic) think that makes the world look at my accomplishment, ni__a?” Roddy said back in March.“...That s__t be lame. I don’t really like that s__t.”

Take a listen to Roddy's feature from Kanye's album

Roddy told Big Boy that he and Kanye spoke after his rant. He says he has no disrespect for Kanye, that is just how he felt at the time. 

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