Creepy Guy Tells Lady He's Going to Rape and Kill Her On Her Ring Camera

This is one of the creepiest videos I've ever seen. This man rang the doorbell at a woman's house while her husband was at work. She posted the video because she wants people to be aware of him.

The whole thing went down in Las Vegas, Amanda says she was home alone when someone rang her doorbell. She said she decided to hide where this guy couldn't see her and didn't say a word. At one point her husband jumps on the intercom and asks who the guy is, from there he says he's looking for the woman living there and is going to rape and kill her. He then confesses that he has a knife and a gun.

She called 911 and was waiting for the police to show up. At the time she said they were still searching for him but it seems as if they did find him and arrested him.

They said they charged him for "aggravated stalking, coercion, and obstructing a public officer."

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