Seagull Hits Teen In The Face As She On A Rollercoaster Ride

Photo by SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP via Getty Images)

Photo: AFP

Two friends were celebrating their birthday at a theme park got the surprise of a lifetime.

Kiley Holman and Georgia Reed were celebrating their birthday while on vacation at the Adventure Pier in New Jersey when she decided to go on the SpringShot ride at the amusement park.

"She wanted to do the SpringShot. and I've done the SpringShot previously so I wasn't that nervous," Kiley said ABC 7.

Shortly after getting on the ride, a the rollercoaster video showed how the two teenagers comes face-to-face with a seagull.

"When I got shot up, then I saw it. It was going the opposite way and then it came back and hit me right in the face," Kiley added. "It felt really light and it only left like the tiniest scratch."

Kiley was able to remove the bird off her neck who seemingly flew away uninjured. However, the moment was quite scary.

Take a look at the video clip below.

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