Megan Fox Gave Up Alcohol After Getting In Trouble For Something She Said

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Megan Fox says she stopped drinking after getting in trouble for something she said on the red carpet. 

In a new interview for "Who What Wear," the actress says she got a little too boozed up at the 2009 Golden Globes.

Fox recalls sitting at the same table as Blake Lively and the Jonas Brotherswhere there was a giant bottle of Moët champagne set out. 

She helped herself to "multiple glasses" that night and was totally "belligerent." 

Her memory is a little hazy from that night. 

But she does remember getting in trouble for saying "a bunch of s**t [she] shouldn't have on the red carpet after that."

We know at least some of what Fox said on the red carpet. She talked about being "painfully insecure" at the Globes, said she's Alan Alda'sdoppelganger and threw some shade at her ex BrianAustinGreenfor skipping out on the event.

Source: Who What Wear

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