Dr. Dre Ordered To Pay His Ex-Wife $300k a Month!

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Man, can someone give ME $300k a month?! WOW! Ok I get it, to some $300k a month is a lot but to some it's not enough and it seems like to Dr. Dre's ex-wife it's not as much as she wanted! Nicole claimed that she spent around $2.3 million a month on their living expenses. I honestly can't imagine having to spend that much money. I mean I get it, you have a huge house and the upkeep on that is expensive.

“[Dre] is ordered to pay to the [Nicole] spousal support in the sum of $293,306.00 per month, payable on the first of each month, commencing August 1, 2021,” the order reads. That number equates to just over $3.5 million annually before any additional expenses." it was also added that the support will remain until Nicole finds a new relationship - “Until the party receiving support remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership, death of either party.”

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