A Man with Covid Was Arrested Because He Tried To Sneak Onto A Plane.


Photo: AFP

Well, that's one way to get arrested! A man who knowingly had Covid - decided to sneak onto a flight disguised as his wife. Clearly his disguise wasn't good enough because he was caught and arrested.

“He bought the plane ticket with his wife’s name and brought the identity card, the PCR test result, and the vaccination card with his wife’s name. All documents are under his wife’s name,”

They said he was wearing a wearing a niqab veil to cover his face but here's where he messed up, while he was on the plane he changed his outfit and a flight attendant saw him! BROOOOOO - just stay in disguise, you almost made it!

The covid numbers have raised in Indonesia and travel has been restricted, you have to show a negative covid test to board a flight.

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