Watch This Video So You Don't Make This Same Mistake As This Bride

Bride holding bouquet

Photo: Brand X

Uh Oh!!! This poor Bride was having the time of her life until she dislocated her knee during her First Dance. Liz and Paul were so happy to finally say "I Do" after they had to postpone their wedding but it all went downhill after their first dance. After she realized that she dislocated her knee she went to the hospital.

At the hospital they put her knee back in place and then gave her a ton of pain meds. She said when she came back from the hospital everyone was cheering for her.

Liz and Paul had to postpone their wedding a year because of Covid and Paul said “I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have a normal wedding at this point. But the love and support and everything we felt has been amazing.”

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