Some LA Bars Will Require You To Show Your Vaccination Card.

waitress with face mask preparing a cocktail at the restaurant - coronavirus and small business concept

Photo: Moment RF

According to a recent report if California was still using the color tiered system for reopening, Los Angeles County would currently be in the most restrictive tier. So obviously things are not going well in LA County and the covid numbers are rising fast.

Well now an LA Bar near Dodger Stadium called Little Joy will ask for more than just your I.D. when you try and get a drink there. They will now require you to show off your vaccination card.

One guy said "I'm not going to tell them how to live their life, but if they don't want to get vaccinated then they don't have to come here," - "They don't have to come to these bars that require that. It's their business, they can do whatever they want, and if they want to hang out they should get vaccinated."

They're not the only bar in LA asking for a vaccination card, The Henry, Gold Diggers and Footsies have each published posts on Instagram talking about their new requirement.

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