Wedding Couple Get Blasted For Asking More Expensive Gifts For Better Food

Bride getting food from buffet.

Photo: Digital Vision

Gotta love Reddit - they have the BEST Stories!

A reddit user shared a Wedding RSVP that was rather interesting. On it there were different food options for the guests. Apparently the more you spent on their wedding gift the better your food options would be.

The RSVP said "Please circle your gift level and indicate a meal choice for reach person in your party"

“Loving Gift” ($250) category the food option includes, swordfish.

“Silver Gift” ($251 and $500) category the food option includes sliced steak and poached salmon.

“Golden Gift” ($501 - $1,000) category would be able to choose between filet mignon and lobster tails.

“Platinum Gift,” ($1,001 to $2,500) category allows the guest to choose a two-pound lobster and a souvenir champagne goblet. If you’re vegetarian or kosher, you’d have to be at the “Platinum” level to receive your dietary needs.

I can't believe someone would ask their guests to do this! UGH!!! Weddings shouldn't be about that!

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