Cops Are Warning People About People On Scooters Trying To Steal Your Car.

Man using electric push scooter

Photo: Digital Vision

I gotta say robbers are always trying to find new ways to jack you. Even though police in Atlanta are warning people about this new scam, I think no matter where you are, this is good to know.

Police are saying that you should be aware of people on scooters who pretend to get hit by your car. They're saying while you get out of the car to check on the person, someone else will jump into your car and steal it.

"Police are telling drivers to stay in their cars, lock their doors if they feel unsafe and call 911 immediately. They can assess the damage or check on the condition of the scooter rider when they arrive. Police said most accidents are real, but drivers should be on the lookout for bump-and-carjack scams like these."

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