What Does Irina Shayk Think About The Rumors that She's Dating Kanye West?

Apparently - they're NOT dating! There have been rumors for the last couple months that Kanye and super model Irina have been dating for a few months. The rumors really picked up when they were spotted in Paris for his Birthday. However a source close to Irina says they two are not dating and she likes him as a friend!

“but doesn’t want a relationship with him.”

“She doesn’t want the association that they are dating, which is what would have run in the press if she showed up [in Paris with him],” the source added. “It would have been another month of news saying that they are dating.”

“She went to his birthday party as a friend. There were 50 other people there,” the insider added. “She doesn’t want to be linked with anyone right now. She is happy being single.”

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