Does Cardi B. Have A Collab with Pop Smoke Coming Soon?

There could be a Cardi B and Pop Smoke collaboration coming soon. 

We know that this song may be real after Cardi mistakenly shared a video screenshot of a song labeled, "CB POP." 

After fans spotted the "CB POP" on her phone fans went crazy and predicted that the two would do a song together. "Pop does have an album dropping Friday," said one fan on social media. 

Cardi hasn't responded to the speculation yet, but knowing Cardi, you know something will be said soon. 

Pop Smoke's album is coming at the end of the week! This is the album cover.

FAITH: the substance of all things hoped for. the evidence of things not seen.

All praise to the most high. Literally had no clue this was going to happen. Thank you to everyone at VictorVictor for this opportunity. Thank you every single person that supports me in everything that I do.


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