Influencers Could Face Jail Time For Secretly Editing Their Appearance.


Photo: AFP

A new law in Norway could one day make it to the US and then it would scare a LOT of influencers.

This new law will hold Influencers accountable when it comes to being honest about retouching their photos. It states in Norway's Marketing Act that "In Norway, advertisers and influencers paid by advertisers will have to clearly label Instagram posts if they’ve been retouched."

Basically a new label will be featured on the post that will alert someone that the post has been altered whether it's their shape, size or skin. "This would include an influencer advertising a protect but making their lips bigger, enhancing muscles or making themselves look slimmer or bigger in certain areas. A violation of the law could result in a fine or even a prison sentence."

Earlier this year in the UK influencers were told not to add misleading filters to social media adverts by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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