A Girl Stole $1 Million Worth Of Jewelry From A Date While He Slept.

Talk about a date from hell! A man reportedly met a girl and after they spent several hours with each other they headed to a hotel. So far so good.

When they got to their room the guy stored his jewelry in a safe and eventually fell asleep. When he got up he said he could hear the shower running in the bathroom so he thought his date, who was not in the room with him, was in there. Instead she had left hours earlier.  

Sgt. Jarius Daugherty said “He assumed his date was taking a shower,”- “But he looked over to see the safe open and all of his property gone.” 

The man told police that his jewelry had a value of about $1 million. Thankfully there is surveillance footage that shows the victim wearing his jewelry and they also got a clear photo the woman who robbed him.

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