A Man with Alzheimer's Remarried His Wife Because He Forgot They're Married

Midsection Of Newlywed Couple Standing Outdoors

Photo: EyeEm

This is such a sweet story! A man named Peter has early onset Alzheimer's disease. His wife Lisa says that for the last six months Peter struggled to remember they were married. He would often think that she was just his main caregiver. So one day Peter and Lisa were watching some TV and there was a wedding scene and it inspired Peter to propose to Lisa.

Lisa says "We've made new memories, but it hurts because I always want to say 'Remember that one time?' I want to reminisce with him, but Peter can't remember anything now, much less what happened 20 years ago."

The couples daughter who runs a wedding business was able to get some other businesses to help put together a last minute wedding.

Lisa said “It was just magical — straight out of a fairy tale. There wasn’t a dry eye, and I was over the moon. I hadn’t seen Peter that happy in a long time.” Meanwhile, Lisa says Peter’s condition has worsened since the wedding, but they’re taking things “one day at a time,” adding, “I don’t know who I am to him now, but I know that he definitely loves me and feels safe..”

That is so beautiful!

Read more about Lisa and Peter's Love Story HERE!

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