Who is Tory Lanez Calling Out On Social Media? See What He Said Here.

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A few days ago Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby went back and forth and it was all because DaBaby did a song with Tory Lanez and we all remember what Tory Lanez allegedly did to Megan. Now people are wondering who is Tory Lanez talking about.

"Disloyalty is a Disconnect for me ......"

"Why lie when u could have just told the truth ."

Maybe Tory is talking about DaBaby. See Megan called out DaBaby for prompting a song that he did with DaBaby. She revealed that they had a private conversation where DaBaby said he wasn't going to promote the song. But since he did, she felt betrayed.

After that DaBaby said he didn't clear the song! So that might be the reason Tory could be talking about DaBaby!

Or some people think that Tory is talking about Megan when he mentions telling the truth!

I feel like the reason Tory won't say much because he's still waiting for his trial in the situation with Megan where he allegedly shot her in the foot after a night of partying together. Back in February the court denied Tory's request to talk about Megan publicly.

Either way, Tory feels some type of way about someone. Who do you think Tory is talking about?

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