Mariah the Scientist Shares New Single "2 You" Along With Music Video

Photo: RCA Records/One Umbrella

Photo: Photo: RCA Records/One Umbrella

Mariah Buckles also known as Mariah the Scientist is an American singer-songwriter. She was a Biology major at St. John's University in Queens, New York, but after going against her parents' wishes, she dropped out of college, leaving all of her belongings in her dorm room and headed to Atlanta to pursue her music career. She later signed to RCA Records and Tory Lanez's record label One Umbrella. 

After releasing her debut studio album Master in 2019, she’s back again with brand new music. Mariah released her new single “2 You” along with a music video before pre-releasing her new album “Ry Ry World.”

“2 You” can be interpreted as a heartbreak song of betrayal and maybe a personal experience to Mariah. This sound as well with the music video gives such a nostalgic or a dream-like reminisce type of feel. The beautiful singer shows her unique style and makeup having many colors on her wardrobe and bezels in her eyes showing us how now she is different and out of this world looking back on how she left for this person as she sings in her song “Don't know why I don't belong”. With her beautiful voice and melody as well as her illustrations from her music video it's a song that can really make you feel calm and dreamy.

Of course, let us know what you think and take a listen to “2 You” in the video below.

By: Leslie Gutierrez

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