Woman Who Claimed To Have 10 Babies Apparently Lied About Giving Birth

Last week it came out that a woman named Gosiame Thamara Sithole from South Africa claimed that she gave birth to decuplets. She then held the record for having the most babies. However no one ever saw a photo of the babies and now according to reports Gosiame has been admitted to a psychiatric ward and is undergoing a medical evaluation.

“The medical evaluation has shown that there was no pregnancy. It also shows that there are no physical scars to indicate a recent C-section,”

Even her boyfriend and the Father of the allegedly babies says that he hasn't seen the babies

“He (Tebego) made several attempts to visit his girlfriend, but she has failed to disclose her whereabouts and the condition of her babies,”

“The family has resolved and concluded that there are no decuplets born between Tebogo Tsotetsi and Gosiame Sithole, until proven otherwise and wishes to apologize for any inconvenience and embarrassment,”

Even local health officials say that no decuplets have been born.


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