What's the Healthiest Fast Food Burger?! Find Out Here.

Close-Up Of Hand Holding Burger

Photo: EyeEm

We all know I LOVE to eat. My favorite food is PIZZA, but my second favorite is Hamburgers and now there is PROOF that you can have a healthy hamburger from a fast food spot!

You may not exactly think of health when you think of burgers, but nutritionists have picked out the healthiest among the bunch.

Nutritionist Kelly Jones says that Johnny Rocket's Streamliner Boca burger is the healthiest among plant-based options.

"This burger is free of cholesterol as well as lower in fat than other faux meats, like Beyond or Impossible,"said Jones.

And for the meaty variety? "The Junior Burger at Wendy's can curb your burger craving without a ton of saturated fat and calories from unnecessary toppings,"said dietitian Trista Best.

So there you have it, if you want a healthy hamburger, go to Wendy's - don't add Cheese and try and skip the ketchup! Watch me eat TWO hamburgers now!!

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