Hospital Worker Used Dead Patients Credit Card Moments After Death

The patient bed in Hospital room is empty for Medical Treatment

Photo: Moment RF

This is awful! A woman named Ayesha Basharat 23, was arrested after she used a patients credit card. But it was even worse than that, because she used the card moments after the patient had passed away! Ayesha was caught on camera using the card 6 times after the patient passed away. Then she tried to use it again four days later but the card was cancelled and the police were alerted.

Ayesha says that she found the card on the floor and then got the card mixed up with her stuff and used it by accident. However when they proved that the patient's credit card was a different color than her own, she admitted to knowing it wasn't hers. She won't have to do any jail time though but was sentenced to two five-month terms to run concurrently, both suspended for 18 months.

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