Woman Reunites With Her Wallet That She Lost 46 Years Ago

(Photo by YAMIL LAGE/AFP via Getty Images)

Say it ain't so.

A Ventura County woman was reunited with a wallet she lost 46 years ago after an employee working on remodeling a building discovered it inside a crawl space.

"I would have never imagined," said Tom Stevens told ABC 7 after locating the wallet. Stevens said his first thought was trying to locate the wallet's owner so he shared it Facebook.

"Does anyone know Colleen Distin?" he asked on Facebook. "While doing some maintenance we have found her wallet. There are a bunch of pictures of people, and they are super cool from that era also. Someone may want them. So if you are, or if you know Colleen, drop us a line and we will have it here for you!"

After several re-shares and constantly checking the Facebook post, Stevens found the owner of the wallet, a woman by the name of Distin. Distin said she lost the wallet in 1975, when she was in her early 20s.

"I remember calling the next day when I realized it was gone. They said no one found it, but to call back, which I did," Distin told the news.

Filled with so much emotion, Distin reveals "it's really wonderful" to her a piece of her's back.

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