Netflix Rates Their Top Original Movies And The #1 Movie Will Surprise You.


I love me a good movie and I gotta say Netflix has given us some GREAT movies. Well the streaming platform decided to list their Top Original movies based off views and I can't lie, the number 1 movie surprised me.

  1. Extraction with 99 million views
  2. Bird Box with 89 million views
  3. Spenser Confidential with 85 million views
  4. 6 Underground with 83 million views
  5. Murder Mystery with 83 million views
  6. The Old Guard with 78 million views
  7. Enola Holmes with 76 million views
  8. Project Power with 75 million views
  9. The Midnight Sky and Army of the Dead tied at 72 million views.

Damn I'm surprised that "To all the boys I ever Loved" wasn't on there. I love that movie!

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